A body that clears ads before they go public has refused to clear an animated one for Iceland stores that features the destruction of rain forests for palm oil and highlights the fact that an estimated 25 orangutans die every day as a result.

Clearcast claim that the ad, which was produced by Greenpeace, was “too political”. The issue has unleashed “a torrent of online abuse” at Clearcast staff with their pictures being published online. Concerned that their staff felt threatened thecompany has removed pictures of its staff from its website and closed itsFacebook page indefinitely. Meanwhile the ad has been viewed 12 million timeson Facebook and more than 600,000 people have signed a petition calling for itsreinstatement.

Iceland responded by stating its commitment to removing palm oil from 160 of its products by the end of the year and placed an animatronic orangutan on the streets of London, to remind people of its cause.

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