o A customer who entrusted her BMW to Manchester Airport Parking Services Ltd while she was abroad came home to find 500 extra miles on the clock, the fuel tank nearly empty and a fine of £70 from a supermarket car park 20 miles from the airport with a photograph showing her car being driven by an unknown man.

The firm was dubbed “the world’s worst parking company meet and greet” by the Daily Mail last month after one family with a baby claimed that it crashed their car into a tree, and refused to pay for it to be recovered, or for a replacement. Others have accused it of losing their cars and racking up speeding tickets.

o A meet and greet parking firm run by a convicted fraudster has been caught parking its customer’s vehicles for free on public roads, rather than the “fenced and secured parking facility” customers are promised on its website.

Legacy Parking, which operates at Gatwick is run by accountant Vimal Patel, 35, who defrauded a former employer out of £155,000 to feed a gambling habit five years ago, but escaped a prison sentence.

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