The BBC’s Radio Four Today news programme is under attack for claiming that research into the last budget and a claim that it “mainly benefitted the rich” was”independent”, when they knew it was the opinion of the ResolutionFoundation, a left-wing think-tank run by Torsten Bell, the head of policy forformer failed Labour leader, Ed Milliband.

Downing Street have demanded an apology on-air and the independent press have pointed out that the BBC, under its Charter and Agreement, is obliged to be impartial, on which basis it has its licence fees collected for it by the State, under the threat of prosecution for non-payment.

The independent press have also pointed out that the BBC’s system for dealing with complaints is “adisgrace” and needs the monitoring and censure of an independent body,that is not like the highly biased ones that the BBC relies on for its”news”.

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