The secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement between the large corporations of the USA and the EU is fast becoming a major consideration for those wondering if they should trust the EU enough to want to stay in.

After all this appallingly obvious USA anti-consumer money-grab, with secretive corporate courts deciding on compensation grabbed from a country’s taxpayers for laws passed by their governments that adversely affect the profits of Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Tobacco et al has already secured the backing of two thirds of the unelected MEPs, so can you trust people who make such ill-advised decisions? Leaked documents have also indicted that the MEPs are also in favour of the questionably corporate-friendly US way of regulating products, whereby a product is only banned if it is proved to be dangerous – people becoming ill or dying is a good indicator – rather than only allowing it onto the market when it is proved safe.

Some of the sectors backing continued ECU membership also erode trust, on the basis that those sectors are themselves demonstrably not to be trusted. Look at the motor manufacturers, with first Volkswagen and now Mitsubishi caught fiddling emission or fuel consumption tests to better defraud their customers. Look at the banks, and their admission that their track record will mean at least a whole generation before people trust them again. And look at our unimpressive politicians, including Jack Straw who goes “under the radar” at the EU to milk a fat fee for changing laws in his corporate client’s financial favour, enough said.

According to our very pro-EU PM David Cameron you’ll vote to stay in “if you love your country” Another view is that if MEPs, politicians and big corporations want something it must be bad for everyone else. Or is that just too cynical?

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