Good to see that Michael O’Blarney’s bullying Ryanair was rapped over the knuckles earlier this year by the courts for one of its ludicrously unfair terms and conditions.

Ryanair demanded £320 from Lucas Marshall to print out boarding passes to check his family in on a flight back from the Canary Islands last year when he had been unable to print them out himself before travelling. The terms and conditions drafted by Ryanair’s crack legal team give them the right to make a charge of some kind for this service, though this should, of course be fair.

Rather than miss his flight home Marshall paid the unfair fee. Back home Marshall wrote to Ryanair requesting a refund but had no response. He then took Ryanair to court. Ryanair’s crack legal team failed to turn up to defend their employer’s fee and he won the case and was awarded the money, which Ryanair paid, plus costs, after the bailiffs were sent in.

Ryanair, and O’Blarney should know that just because they set charges, and some people meekly pay them, it makes them enforceable in court. Ryanair would be more impressive if they set fair charges based on actual costs of time and printing, rather than rely on bullying, and their customer’s ignorance of the law.

Asked by the press for a response brave Ryanair responded with a courageous “no comment”.

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