An estimated 400,000 passengers booked on Ryanair flights have had them cancelled as the company admits that it has mismanaged its pilot and crew rotas And some passengers, when trying to rebook flights have had additional charges heaped on for extras they had already paid for, while others have been charged up to £25 for the premium rate call(s) they had to make to sort out the mess.

Ryanair’s CEO, Michael O’Blarney has admitted that this latest passenger nightmare has cost him “reputational damage”, though there is a view that very little can further damage an airline that has a well-deserved reputation for not giving a toss about its customers.


Unhealthily skinny models will need to start eating properly again if they want to work after Gucci, St Laurent and Vuitton et Dior announced a ban on US size-zero/UK size four models on catwalk shows and photo-shoots. The belated French company’s action follows similar steps taken in Italy and Spain in 2006.

The previous endorsement of ill-health as glamorous by the global fashion industry has been blamed for eating disorders and death in girls and young women trying to emulate.


A proposed reduction in the amounts that can be gambled on high-street located FOBT’s (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals) has been shelved by Chancellor Phillip Hammond after the Treasury expressed fears that reducing the amounts from £100 every 20 seconds to £5 or less would reduce their £400 million a year revenue from the gambling addiction.

Meanwhile it has been coincidentally revealed that bookies top the list of donors supplying free gifts, meals and booze to MPs, with Ladbrokes Coral listed 15 times more than any other donor.


A 2004 episode of the children’s cartoon character Peppa Pig was banned in Australia for being dangerously spider-friendly but then accidentally aired there last month.

In the episode the character, frightened by a spider, is told by its father that “spiders are very, very small and they can’t hurt you”, whereupon Peppa picks up the spider and tucks it into bed.

In fact Australia is home to a number of highly poisonous spiders that no-one should touch, including Redbacks, Mouse spiders, Wolf spiders and the lethal Funnel Web, as well as dangerous Cone snails, Eastern Brown snakes, centipedes, mosquitoes, Saltwater crocodiles, sharks, Blue-ringed octopus, Stonefish and Box jellyfish, all of which should be avoided.


Carling lager is weaker than advertised, the brewers Moulson Coors have claimed in court.

Sold as having 4% alcohol by volume (ABV) Carling, once Carling Black Label, has been brewed at 3.7% for the last five years, to cut the tax to be paid say Moulson Coors. The brewers were responding to a court case brought against them by HMRC for the extra £50 million owed on a 4% lager over a three year period, and said the reason they had not gone public with their tax-cutting policy was due to fear that their wholesalers and retailers would demand a cut.

Presumably the Canadian firm will now belatedly advise their customers of the ABV reduction.


Sales of lamb have fallen by 25% over the last fifteen years as less families enjoy a Sunday roast, citing a lack of time and inclination to spend two hours cooking.

The majority of lamb bought is enjoyed by the over-55s, with the under 35s accounting for just 12% of the market. Shoppers in London account for 25% of the £845 million of lamb sold with only 6% bought in Scotland and the Borders.


George Osbourne, former chancellor, banker’s friend, money-lover and editor of the London Evening Standard has been attracting some brickbats for his “disgraceful” published attacks on the Prime Minister, who coincidentally sacked him.

However there is a feeling that “Toxic Georgie”, who has reportedly said to colleagues that he “will not rest until Mrs May is chopped up in bits in my freezer” is poisoning himself more than others as he demeans both politics and journalism pursuing his personal vendetta.

Question is, how long it will take the Standard’s owner, Evgeny Lebedev, to realise the damage this sad, unimpressive and embittered man is doing to his once-respected and trusted newspaper, and let him go.

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Activists who claim that tourism in Spain is destroying Spanish cities, driving up rents and forcing out young people are staging protests outside restaurants and hotels and in public areas.

This summer four hooded activists attacked a tourist bus in Barcelona, slashing tyres and spraying slogans on it. In other incidents smoke flares were set off outside a seafront restaurant in Palma, Majorca, and paint was sprayed across the HQ of the Basque Country Tourist Board.

The Spanish Association of Travel Agents has warned that the protests could escalate into “incidents of real violence” against visitors to Spain, where tourism employs 2.5 million people.


An Alpine hotel in Arosa, Switzerland has been branded as anti-Semitic after it put up a poster by its pool aimed at Jewish guests.

The poster, placed at the Aparthaus Paradies hotel, was headed “To our Jewish Guests. Men, Women and Children” and warned “Please take a shower before you go swimming and although after swimming (sic) If you break the rules, I’m forced to cloes (sic) the swimming pool for you. Thank you for understanding” It was signed by the hotel’s manager Ruth Thomann.

Ms Thomann, who quickly took the sign down when reports appeared in newspapers, claimed that there was no anti-semitic intent but admitted that it was “naive” and that the message should have been addressed to all guests using the pool, and not just the Jewish ones.

Spokesman for Swiss Tourism Markus Berger admitted the sign was “unacceptable” but urged the press to keep the “one unfortunate incident in perspective” and accept that Ms Thomann was “just one lady at one hotel who was not on top of the situation”.