Two diners who suffered campylobacter poisoning after eating chicken liver parfait at The Brewery are suing the venue’s caterers at the time Gather and Gather.

The parfait was part of a pigeon breast starter served at the Digital Impact Awards last October and one of the diners, telecoms executive Philip Earlam, 47, was left fighting for his life in hospital after the campylobacter apparently triggered a condition known as Miller Fisher Syndrome. This causes absence of the tendon reflexes, paralysis of the eye muscles, abnormal muscle co-ordination and is fatal in eight per cent of cases.

Public Health England say that 63 of the 447 guests at the event met the case definition for a confirmed or probable case of campylobacter.

Another event at The Brewery last September involving Gather and Gather is also being investigated for another outbreak of campylobacter.

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