There’s a joke going the rounds that the reason our railways have named their latest debacle “Railplan 20/20” is because 2020 is the year by which they are finally hoping to get some of their trains running to time.

Of course it’s no joke for the millions who have to travel and are currently suffering the worst service ever in their efforts just to get to work and back. And sadly they are the railway’s captive market, who have little choice but to keep suffering, and paying for the privilege.

For those who organise events, such as exhibitions, seminars and others that their visitors and delegates would usually take trains to could be in for tough times as many decide, understandably, that it really isn’t worth the effort, or the money,and don’t bother to book, or turn up. Meanwhile the Office of Rail and Road has confirmed that travellers took 23 million less train trips in the last year, due to strikes and the expensive rubbish service.

Who can blame them?

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