Sexy images of nearly dressed cartoon ladies and saucy names used to market craft beers look to be on the way out.

Such racy delights (for some) as the pretty and leggy lass in a red mini-dress and chunky heels could disappear from the label of Robinsons Dizzy Blonde Golden Zesty Ale as the brewers accept that lots more ladies enjoy the stuff, and could just be offended by the way it comes across. The Castle Rock Brewery, which has marketed its Elsie Mo Full Bodied and Irresistible ale with American style cartoon pin-ups displaying cleavage, stockings and suspenders has already altered its artwork to portray Elsie as a heroic pilot figure, to be more “accepted by a culture that strives for, and celebrates equality”.

The charge is being led, reportedly, by a Ms Jaega Wise, recently elected as south east director for the Society of Independent Brewers.(SIBA) who are drawing up a new code of practice to tell their paying members how to best market their beer. Wonder how many will listen?

For our money most, though not all of the approaches are just fun and harmlessly tongue in cheek, to which only a serial snowflake could really object. And one, marketing the Liquid Mistress red IPA from Siren Craft Brew is blessed with a piece of Art Nouveau artwork in the flowing style of Alphonse Mucha that is actually rather beautiful. (See Pumpclip Parade on the net for a selection of the good and bad, and start collecting some beer mats. They could be worth serious money if they get banned by SIBA.)

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