The current low value of sterling against the euro and the dollar has opened up some interesting business opportunities, for those who can take them.

It means that anyone buying in euros is finding UK goods and services more than 20% cheaper, and those with dollars to spend are finding our prices more than 30% cheaper.

Already inbound tour operators, UK attractions and UK restaurants and hotels are reporting bumper business uplift as a result, and this can only help event organisers looking to attract overseas delegates, although it wont help UK organisers running UK events aimed at UK paying delegates who will be finding their venues, especially in expensive London, less likely to drop prices when business is so good. (Why should they?)

For organisers who can put together attractive products, such as commercial conferences and seminars run in the UK, priced in sterling and aimed at overseas markets there is a very profitable opportunity waiting, as there is for those selling conference and exhibition products and services overseas.

A very old but gold business axiom is “When the going gets tough the tough get going” So what are some of you out there waiting for?

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