Charity Matters October/November 2012 ISSUE 45

NOW THEN, NOW THEN Charity fundraiser Sir Jimmy Savile, who died last year and was given a lavish funeral, was also a paedophile who used his celebrity status….

SAVE THE (UK) CHILDREN Some donors to the Save the Children charity have withdrawn their financial support following the charity’s upcoming campaign to help….

SAVE THE SUICIDAL Around 3,000 middle-aged men kill themselves every year, with men in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s from disadvantaged backgrounds being at ten times….

A LESSON The former £41,000 a year campaign director for the League Against Cruel Sports, Steven Taylor, has been jailed for eight months for defrauding the charity of….

BADGER-KILLING COMING A cull of Britain’s badgers, based on the claim by farmers that it will halt the spread of TB in cattle, is being piloted in west Gloucestershire and….

DUCK THE ISSUE Meanwhile the cruelty suffered by farm-reared ducks deprived of any access to water, around two-thirds of them currently, is also giving the RSPCA….

EAT UP One interesting charity idea using the web is Casserole, which puts those who can’t easily cook for themselves in touch with those prepared to cook a little more….

CHARITY VENUE IN WATERLOO The Waterloo Conference Centre, Sandall Street, London, SE1 8UJ, is contained within the Unoin Jack Club, a service charity….

SAFE INVESTMENT? An interactive webcast focussing on safe charity investment is taking place live at 3.00pm on Wednesday, October 18th and presented by Third….