The Finns are the happiest people on earth.

This is the conclusion of a recent survey of 104 countries measuring the general well-being, as well as the wealth of various nations and published by the Legatum Institute in London. The top ten, in descending order were Finland Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Australia, Canada, Holland, USA and New Zealand. Britain was 12th, and ahead of Germany in 14th place and France in 17th place.

According to a report in the Daily Telegraph Britain did well, despite the current recession, in the wealth stakes but was let down in the well-being area by excessive regulation, domestic security, poor health and education, a lack of community spirit and a high rate of divorce.

According to a Lonely Planet guide to Finland “Finns drink a lot. Aquavit characterises the entire hopeless drinking pattern of some Finns: drink until you pass out” Could this be why they’re so happy?

Answers on a wine voucher, please…

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