The British Liver Trust (BLT) have warned that the “meal for two and bottle of wine” offers from supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s, Marks and Spencer and Waitrose are sending out the message that it is perfectly normal for a person to drink half a bottle of wine at one sitting. The Trust is concerned that the wine, the most profitable part of the offer for the retailer, is being marketed as a staple part of people’s diets and encouraging them to drink this amount on a regular basis.

A half bottle of wine delivers around five units of alcohol. The recommended daily consumption is two to three units for women and three to four units for men.

Although it is beneficial that the wine is taken with food the portions sold by the supermarkets are fairly meagre and probably better represent a good meal for one. Some supermarkets also offer a meal deal for four people, without wine, for £5 which features basic comfort dishes such as cottage pie and chicken pie.

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