The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has added its criticism to the Essex school where a dinner lady was sacked for telling the parents of a 7 year-old pupil how their daughter was tied up and whipped by four boys at the school.

The dinner lady, Carol Hill, felt the school was covering up and not telling the parents of Chloe David the full truth about the attack, something she felt they had a right to know. Apparently one of the young thugs is the son of a prominent parent, and the punishment the four received from the head of the Great Tey Primary School, Deborah Crabb was to miss part of their lunchtime, a serious deterrent no doubt.

Chris Cloke, NSPCC head of child protection awareness has stated: Schools must take incidents of bullying seriously. Any concerns that a child has been bullied should usually be shared with their parents as soon as possible. In this way, parents can know what has happened and are able to be involved in decisions about how the bullying is dealt with.

The sacked dinner lady has launched a legal action against the school, something the girl’s parents are also considering.

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