o email to Sir Menzies Campbell, October 12.

Dear Sir Menzies Campbell

I write again with regard to the safety provisions at the Old Course, St Andrews, of which you are a trustee.

You will have read by now about the tragic death of a golfer, Janet Llewellyn, who was hit on the head by a golf ball at the Strathendrick Golf Club, Drymen, Stirlingshire on October 1st.

I appreciate that this is the first such tragedy to happen in Scotland from an accidentally mis-hit golf ball. But as my own experience at your course shows the potential is ever-present for such an accident to result in an injury, or worse to a member of the public simply walking or driving by your Old Course (see my previous emails to you).

Would you please now confirm that your management at the Old Couse will be taking common-sense steps to screen off the paths and roads around the course with simple mesh barriers that will prevent members of the public being injured or killed by accidentally mis-hit golf balls.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours Sincerely

Peter Cotterell .

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