Around 200,000 people attended a free charity concert in Kiev, the Ukraine on June 14 at which Sir Paul McCartney performed. Millions more watched the concert on giant screens erected in other cities. (Audience).

The concert was staged by the Victor Pinchuck Foundation, a charity set up by businessman and philanthropist Pinchuck to contribute to the country’s modernisation.

McCartney performed at another concert in June at Liverpool Football Club’s ground at Anfield, for a modest charity donation. Sadly the charitable ethos of the event, run as part of Liverpool’s Capital of Culture celebrations was marred by the stupid and grubby greed of Liverpool Football Club, (Joint chairmen George Gillett and Tom Hicks) who were confiscating plastic bottles of water from concert goers attending so that they had to pay a rip-off £2.50 for a small bottle to LFC.

Sometimes our football club venues, when used, really let the side down.

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