Diners may well be pouring into the Hawksmoor restaurant in Manchester, hoping to be accidentally given a rare and pricey bottle of vintage Bordeaux instead of the rather more modest bottle ordered.

Apparently some lucky diners there recently ordered a £260 bottle of the excellent 2001 Chateau Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande, which works out at just over £40 a glass, but due to a staff error were given a £4,500 bottle of an even more excellent 2001 Chateau le Pin Pomerol, which works out at a bargain £750 a glass. Reportedly the diners were so impressed with their choice that they ordered another bottle of the same, only to be told it was “unavailable”.

The restaurant’s management, we are told, big-heartedly told the customers they hoped they enjoyed their evening, and equally magnanimously told their mortified member of staff who made the error to keep their “chin up” and that “one-off mistakes happen, and we love you anyway”.

Now there’s nice people…

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