The fact, exposed by the Daily Telegraph, that 377 MPs have had their credit cards suspended for breaking expenses rules was the subject of a failed cover up by the now discredited Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA).

The authority was set up after the 2009 expenses scandal, which saw eight MPs and Lords jailed for fraud, and tried to argue that publishing the names of the latest crop of culprits would damage its relationship with the MPs it was charged with policing.

However, High Court judge Sir Robert Owen ruled, under the laws of Freedom of Information that the risk of “embarrassing” the MPs was no reason to keep the names secret.

So, thanks to the Daily Telegraph, and others we learn that some well-known names in Westminster have had frozen credit cards, including Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Amber Rudd, Claire Perry, Stephen Barclay and Chris Grayling. Apparently nine MPs have had their cards suspended more than ten times, including Damian Collins, who leads the field with fourteen.

Trustworthy bunch, then?

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