Mike Betts, CEO of Motability Operations a firm supplying disabled people with vehicles in exchange for their taxpayer funded benefits has announced that he will now heed the multiple calls for him to step down and will do so in 2020.

His announced departure follows a damning report on the way the company has hoarded huge reserves of the taxpayer cash paid to it and the “obscenely high” salaries and bonuses, nearly £3 million including a covered up £2 million in Betts case, paid to its directors. It also follows some seriously good investigative journalism by the Daily Mail newspaper.

The Motability charity was set up by Lord Sterling, who is now its chairman. Sterling was also chairman of P&O when it owned venue Earls Court and Olympia and was investigated by the Monopolies and Mergers Commission for abuse of monopoly by overcharging exhibitors there, a highly lucrative activity Sterling fought hard to, and failed to, retain. At this time some publications were infested by unfortunate typographical gremlins that rendered his name, most misleadingly, as Lord Stealing.

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