An event promoted as “A massive Willy Wonka inspired dreamland with a mouth-watering array of the finest cocoa money can buy” has been slammed by some visitors who paid £17.25 a ticket as “A complete rip-off”.

The touring Fantastical Chocolate Festival ran at the Passenger Shed venue at Templemeads, Bristol on November 4 and was organised as the second of a planned 40 around the UK by Mega Events of West London, a company that claims to “create events that exceed increasing expectations” However this wasn’t one of them as dozens of visitors complained on the firm’s Facebook page that the event was “appalling”, “embarrassing” and “badly organised” with goodie bags that were “tiny bags of horrible pick n’ mix sweets” and “hideously over-priced”.

Blaming “bad press” but admitting that the Fantastical Chocolate Festival “had not met the varying expectations of some guests” Mega Events founder and CEO Nathan Reed has cancelled all the remaining dates for the Festival.

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