The former CEO of Excel exhibition and conference centre, David Pegler is to be sued for more than £2million by his former employer and Excel owner the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

ADNEC say that they sacked Pegler last November because they found out he was employing his brother, Richard Pegler there on a deal worth up to £120,000 a year and failed to tell either ADNEC or the Excel board about it. ADNEC also allege that David Pegler put “inappropriate pressure” on two potential suppliers to Excel to employ his brother in a high-paying job saying that this would give them a competitive advantage when seeking contracts with Excel, an aspect that has been denied by Pegler.

Pegler, say ADNEC, also took a number of first class flights and train journeys that were against Excel’s rules on expenses.

David Pegler is counter-suing ADNEC for £1 million for the loss of his job.

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