An interesting discussion on managing and marketing to millennials was organised recently by speaker agency Performing Artistes.

Held at the Institute of Directors as the first Speaker Afternoon Tea event this featured generational expert Dr Eliza Filby who pointed out that we currently, and uniquely have all four generations competing in the workforce. These are :-

o Baby Boomers age 53-76, born 1942-1965

o Generation X age 38-52, born 1966-1980

o Millenials age 22-37, born 1981-1996

o Generation Z age 8-21, born 1997-2010

All have different expectations as to their employment with a declining few embracing the Baby Boomer ideal of a steady if unexciting job for life, a pension at the end and the male partner as breadwinner. Younger employees will want a job with a purpose that inspires them and are more likely to rate an in-company gym above a pension pot. And it’s perhaps a challenging thought for some that in 12 years time half the work force will be millennials, so any knowledge of what makes them tick must be helpful.

Dr Filby was joined in the discussion by Bossa Studios founder Roberta Lucca, consultants Alex Sbardella and Chris Roebuck and beer and jam maker Fraser Doherty who all gave their differing views.

Note: Those born since 2010 are termed Generation Alpha.

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