Cex, purveyors of second-hand computer and office equipment and CD/DVDs may need to rethink their latest marketing.

Till earlier this year those ordering CDs or DVDs to be posted from the Cex shops where they were in stock paid a reasonable flat rate of £2.50 total postage and packing costs for up to 10 items, any size/weight sent, or 25 pence per item.

Now, however the price has soared to £1.50 per item, a rise of 500%, meaning that the cost of sending 10 items has climbed from £2.50 to £15.

Cex branch staff claim that their firm was “losing a fortune” on the old deal but the hike has left some customers wondering if a middle road couldn’t have been found, say a total of £5 or £7.50. After all Cex, who pay 1 pence for DVDs they sell for 50 pence are not exactly losing a fortune on the product itself.

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