Is social media, which we have all been told we should be enthusiastically embracing, on the way out?

Certainly the continued posting of racial hatred material and the worrying abuse of confidential customer data hasn’t helped the social media cause. And the recent blaming of the culture for causing a mental health crisis amongst young people desperate to maintain a perfect profile, said to be a factor in seven student suicides at Bristol University, the suing of Facebook for running scam ads that defraud and the fact that the down-to-earth businssman, Tim Martin of pub chain Wetherspoons has just closed all his company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and expects his business to improve as a result have to be three more damaging nails in the social media coffin.

For this old curmudgeon and dinosaur the culture has never been anything other than people publicly showing off – and that includes one D. Trump – but the actual nailing of it as a force for evil is a major new development.

Wonder how it’s now going to play in our events industry?

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