An undercover investigation by the Financial Times at a President’s Club fundraising dinner in January at the Dorchester Hotel, London, led to allegations of hostesses being groped by some of the guests and sex workers supplied. Since the details were published the Club has wound up and some charities have refused to accept its donations.

Shortly after this it was revealed that hostesses at the February ICE Totally Gaming conference and exhibition at Excel, London were told to wear “nothing more than swimsuits” to attract buyers (presumably male) to their stands.

All this has brought on tut-tutting attacks of the moral compasses and calls in some of the event trade press to “root out sexism” from our industry, and everyone else’s, but it is left unclear who can or will actually do it. Question is, should the event or exhibition organiser be responsible, and in turn their sponsors and exhibitors? Should it be any trade association behind the event? Or should it be the venue where the event is being held?


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