Money-grubbing at our universities that sets the young a bad example still fills the pages of our national newspapers, though unsurprisingly doesn’t get much play in our plucky little trade mags that run advertising and PR for the sector.

o Following months of calls for Dame Glynis Bakewell, £468k vice-chancellor for the University of Bath to stand down she is finally doing so, after first grabbing a six-month sabbatical on full pay (Headline SHAMELESS TO THE LAST) Meanwhile her University has suffered a 6% drop in applications from new students, thought to be not unconnected to Bakewell’s greed.

o Sir Christopher Snowden, the £423k vice-chancellor of the University of Southampton has announced he will be axing 75 academic staff to “save money” (and help fund his “bloated salary”?)

o Former vice-chancellor of the tiny Bath Spa University, Christina Slade took a package worth £800,000 in her final year, which included a £429,000 golden goodbye.

Universities have also been accused of “mis-selling” low-quality degree courses to students, with the head of the National Audit Office, Sir Amyas Moore saying that if universities were banks they would be under investigation.

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