Those who thought that those running our universities might just be setting a good example to young people have had to think again as the greed of over-paid vice-chancellors at Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Roehampton, Leicester De Montford Bournemouth, Falmouth and Winchester has been exposed.

Now it’s the turn of some marketeers at our academia to face criticism, for making claims for their employers they could not prove. First, in June this year, was Reading, that was forced to withdraw its baseless claim that it was in the top 1% of institutions globally. Now another six have had to scrap their marketing campaigns after being criticised by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) Falmouth also listed above, where the vice-chancellor Anne Carlisle pockets a creative £298,000 a year, claimed to be “the UK’s number one arts and creative university” Teeside claimed it was the “top university in England for long-term graduate prospects”, the University of East Anglia claimed to be “in the top five for student satisfaction”, the University of Leicester claimed to be “in the top 1% in the world and the University of West London claimed it had been named, (by the University of West London ?) as “London’s top modern university – and one of the top ten in the UK” Up in Scotland the University of Strathclyde claimed its physics department had been ranked as “number one in the UK” All complete tosh.

Perhaps before choosing a university students should look at what their swollen fees are paying the bloated vice-chancellors and what the ASA thinks about the honesty of their claims?

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