Following the controversy over the £451,000 package paid to Vice-Chancellor Dame Glynis Bakewell by Bath University Times Higher Education have issued the names of eight other University vice-chancellors who are far better paid than any event organiser giving them event business. They are as below with their 2015-2016 pay:-

  • £423,000 Keith Burnett, Sheffield
  • £365,000 Bob Cryan, Huddersfield
  • £342,000 Paul O’Prey, Roehamptonn
  • £326,000 Dominic Shellard, De Montford
  • £305,000 John Vinney, Bournemouth
  • £298,000 Anne Carlisle, Falmouth
  • £282,000 Joy Carter, Winchester
  • £172,000 Michael Earley, Rose Bruford College

All of the above enjoyed pay increases from 2010 to 2016 of 34-67% at a time when the average pay for all their academic staff dropped in real terms by 2.6% and that for their professors only increased by 3.1%. Meanwhile many students, and their parents, struggle to pay increasing tuition fees as the vice-chancellors enjoy higher salaries than the £150,000 paid to the Prime Minister.

Another university vice-chancellor exposed as overpaid in the national press has been Louise Richardson of Oxford who enjoys a salary of £350,000.

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