Those concerned about the increased cost of staying in Europe while the pound is down might like to know the results of a Daily Telegraph study of 20 popular European cities and the comparative costs of travelling to them and staying a few days. This took into account the costs of two nights in a three-star hotel for two adults, a three course dinner with a bottle of house wine, return bus or train transfer, a 48-hour travel card, a sightseeing bus tour, entry to an art gallery, a museum and a heritage attraction and a glass of wine, a carbonated drink, a bottle of beer and a cup of coffee.

The cheapest was Vilnius in Lithuania at £150.94 and 20th was Vienna, Austria at more than double the price (£317.59) Full results, cheapest first, below.

  • £150.94 Vilnius, Lithuania
  • £167.15 Riga, Latvia
  • £169.95 Warsaw, Poland
  • £178.08 Paphos, Greece
  • £182.96 Krakow, Poland
  • £196.81 Lisbon, Portugal
  • £197.16 Budapest, Hungary
  • £206.12 Athens, Greece
  • £208.96 Moscow, Russia
  • £217.63 Prague, Czech Republic
  • £217.63 Lille, France
  • £219.32 Tallin, Estonia
  • £231.29 Strasbourg, France
  • £231.38 Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • £269.52 Berlin, Germany
  • £275.41 Edinburgh, Scotland
  • £278.95 Nice, France
  • £308.79 Palma, Mallorca
  • £311.90 Madrid, Spain
  • £317.59 Vienna, Austria

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