Organisers booking events at Bath University, or planning to, may like to know that they are helping Britain’s highest paid Vice-Chancellor and her well-paid team get even richer.

Dame Glynis Bakewell enjoyed a package worth £451,000 last year, including her free £1.6 million home in Bath, a fact that has prompted four MPs so far to leave the Court of Bath University in protest and call for her resignation. Her pay has been described as “unjustifiable” and “unfair” against the fact that “students take on a debt of £60,000 and spend 30 years of their working lives paying it off.”

Apparently 66 senior managers at the University are on six-figure salaries, with 13 trousering more than £150,000, facts that will doubtless inspire event organisers earning considerably less.

Given that Theresa May has announced war on the “abhorrent greed” of fat cat business types she might want to take on board that some of the young, developing minds at our universities are being set a bad example by Bakewell.

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