Could we ever see a situation where those who hunt, and/or support the hunts are placed on a special animal cruelty register, flagging them up as possible people abusers too?

We ask this noting the findings of the Centre for Crime Prevention which advises of the strong links between those who abuse animals and those who carry out violent acts on people. Apparently in the decade 2005-2015 a total of 1421 violent crimes, 17 murders, and 175 sex attacks plus 19 rapes of adults and eight of children were carried out by those who had a conviction or caution for animal cruelty. Nearly 100 child cruelty offenders had previously tortured animals.

The Centre has called for an animal cruelty register, similar to the sex offenders register, on which those convicted could be placed and monitored, and an increase in maximum jail terms, from six months to five years.

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