Telling the truth and siding with justice can be tough calls in the UK when they involve racial aspects.

Ask Labour MP for Rotherham Sarah Champion who told the truth when she said that “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls” She should know given that 1,400 girls from Rotherham were groomed and assaulted between 2007 and 2013 by several Muslim gangs. Ask the police officers, council workers social workers and others who could have stopped it, but who, fearful for their jobs if they were deemed racist, turned a blind eye and let it happen.

Since then similar happenings in Derby, Oxford and Peterborough have come to light, as have the 108 victims of a gang of 17 men and one woman in Newcastle Upon Tyne, mostly from Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Iran and Pakistan, recently convicted of grooming and abuse.

Question is should we accept such obvious male contempt for females, along with human trafficking and female genital mutilation, as just a cultural difference which regrettably offends our human decency and coincidentally breaks our laws? And can we honestly condemn others for abuses of human rights when we allow, by turning a blind eye, the above atrocities to go on in our own back yard?

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