Those now including salmon in their diet, as an oily fish and good source of omega-3, might want to note its significantly increased price in the last few weeks.

Our local Asda, which was asking £12 a kilo for Scottish salmon fillet now wants £15 a kilo. Pollution of waters in Scotland by the hundreds of salmon farms that now occupy loch and estuary waters on the country’s west coast has been blamed for the sharply increased mortality rate, said to now be one fish in seven or 14%. This is due, it is said to overcrowding in the tanks that can hold 50,000 fish, and the amount of faeces the fish then deposit in a tiny area of the sea bed. This provides a perfect breeding ground for the sea lice parasites that feeds on the skin and blood of the salmon, leaving them vulnerable to fatal infections, an aspect that affects a half of all farms in Scotland.

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