The recent terrorist atrocities in Manchester and London have certainly put unwelcome pressure on those planning to attend live events.

Question is whether one fights terrorism by continuing to go and thus not letting the terrorists win, as thousands do. Or does one take the view that attendance at the event is supposed to be for enjoyment and that worrying about being shot, stabbed or blown up can only detract from that enjoyment to the extent that it is not worth going, which is what the terrorism is meant to achieve.

The presence of armed police/soldiers on the streets and at venues also polarises opinion, with some reassured by this and others finding it intimidating and another good reason to stay home for some catch-up TV, or a favourite box-set.

Sadly, though many hate the thought that the murder of innocents achieves terrorism goals it does. Fears, expressed before the current spate of attacks, that “London would be next” apparently saw visitor figures drop at many major London venues last year. According to 2016 figures published by the Association of Leading Visitor Attractions (ALVA) seven out of the top ten, all of which pull in from 2.45 million to 6.42 million visitors suffered drops, with numbers down 5.9% at the British Museum, 12% at the Natural History Museum, 23% at the Southbank Centre, 3.2% at the Science Museum, 12% at the Victoria and Albert Museum, 2% at the Tower of London and 0.2% at the Royal Museums at Greenwich, a total drop of around 1.4 million.

Sad times, while we wait to see what 2017 has left for us.

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