A dog-owner who was prosecuted after his three dogs died when left in his car without water or ventilation for five hours has told his story on camera to support the RSPCA’S annual DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS summer campaign.

Jonathan Theaobald, 66, from Peterborough left his three Staffordshire bull terriers in his car last year for five hours while he went to the gym. Although the weather was overcast the temperature inside the car reached an estimated 40C, enough to kill the dogs. Theobald pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary suffering to dogs, was handed an 18 week jail sentence suspended for two years, was banned from keeping pets for ten years and ordered to pay £1,900 in fines and costs.

In the RSPCA campaign film he tells viewers, tearfully, “I got it badly wrong. I misjudged the weather very badly. I’ve been prosecuted, I’ve been banned from keeping dogs and there’s been ferocious publicity. But that’s just rubbing salt in the wound…….. the main thing is losing the dogs in the first place. The house feels painfully empty, we don’t have dogs now and that’s my fault. My carelessness killed them.”

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