Those who enjoy the chic of boutique hotels might be interested in a recent rating of 50 of the best in Europe by the experts at the Daily Telegraph, particularly if they’d rather pay less than £200 a night than £600+, so this is for them.

The 50 “Best in Europe” are rated from 8 out of 10 to 10 out of 10, and it is just one hotel in France that is awarded the perfect score and that is the 40-room La Bastide de Gordes in Provence, described as upmarket and family-friendly and costing from £172 a night, a bargain for the quality given that the average price across all 50 hotels listed by the Telegraph is from £223. One other notable French possibility from a total selection of six is the 34-bed La Vieux Castillon in Lanquedoc-Roussillon (9/10 £105).

Spain has the most 9/10 scorers (eight) in this top 50 with the tiny 6-bedroom 3 Cabos in Asturias offering a bargain from £91, and the 10-bedroom Balcon de Cordoba in Andulusia a little more at £119. In the six rated at 8/10 is the 21-bedroom La Casa del Calife in Cadiz, from £81. Italy also does well with seven in the 9/10 category including the 15-bedroom Fifteen Keys in Rome from £101, the 18-bedroom Hotel Villa Arcadio on Lake Garda from £104 and the 9-bedroom Ad Astra in Florence, from £94. Also in Italy are six scoring 8/10 including the 10-bedroom Don Ferrante in Puglia from £86. In Sicily is the 12-bedroom Monaci delle Terre Nere, scoring 9/10 and from £103.

Portugal has two 9/10 and two at 8/10, the latter including the 6-bedroom Pensao Agricole in the Algarve from £112. And the Greek Islands boast three at 9/10, including the 33-bedroom Ammos Hotel on Crete from £104, and the 8/10 33-bedroom Kensho Hotel on Mykonos from £110. In Croatia is one 8/10 and two 9/10 including the 18-bedroom Hotel Adriatic from £82, with other bargains available in Slovenia, the 9/10 20-bedroom Vander Urbani Resort from £84, and in Hungary, the 9/10 11-bedroom Brody House in Budapest from £95.

Of course, you could pay a great deal more…

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