Asda have withdrawn a range of Slimzone diet meals they promoted as being suitable for one of Slimming World’s diet plans, after the weight loss organisation accused Asda of using their name to sell the products, which were 50 pence cheaper than Slimming World’s own products, sold in Iceland. Slimming World are seeking a legal injunction against Asda to stop the supermarket using its name.

Meanwhile Slimming World have also been in conflict with G. White and Co, makers of Porky Light sausages which Slimming World originally endorsed as only containing 2.5 grammes of fat and 78 calories per sausage. Then the diet club claimed that the Porky Lights were much higher in fat, and calories than they had thought, following tests that G. Whites said were carried out by a competitor. Tests by the independent United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) have shown that the Porky Lights have indeed 2.5 grammes of fat and 78 calories per sausage.

According to a sausage taste test carried out by the Daily Mail on ten diet bangers the Porky Lights vied only with Waitrose Reduced Fat Extra Lean Gourmet Sausages ( 6.65 grammes of fat, 116 calories) for a 5/5 score.

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