BT have been ordered to cut at least £5 a month off the £18.99 a month it charges customers who only buy a land line from them.

The cut, ordered by telephone watchdog Ofcom, will affect more than 2 million BT customers, who will see their bills drop by at least £60 a year. Ofcom say that many of these are elderly or vulnerable people who have remained loyal to BT for decades.

BT’s mobile phone company, EE, have also been censured by Ofcom and fined £2.7 million for charging customers £1.20 a minute for calls that should have cost 19 pence. In 2015 EE were fined £1 million for the way it mishandled complaints.

BT are also facing an accounting scandal in its Italian arm, which it says will cost it £530 million, and calls for its internet arm Openreach to be split away from the main business. The company was recently given the Money Mail Wooden Spoon award after being voted the company with the worst customer service by 27% of voting readers.

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