Always tricky, these – look at the gloomy forecasts for Brexit – but nevertheless Buying Business Travel magazine has taken a punt on a few fairly safe bets for the meetings sector, as follows.

  • Costs per attendee per day will remain flat in Europe, with modest increases in North America and Asia Pacific.
  • Average group size will stay the same in Latin America, but rise by 3-6% everywhere else.
  • UK event organisers will book more of their meetings in the UK due to the devalued pound, rather than now more expensive Europe.
  • European organisers will also book more of their meetings in the UK, due to the devalued pound.
  • Buyers will face a 6.9% rise in accommodation rates at UK venues.

Looks like 2017 could be a bonanza year for UK venues and other suppliers to the events industry, as a result of Brexit.

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