One organisation that earns instant deletion from us is one that purports to offer opportunities to earn substantial income from working from home.

Emails urging victims to visit their website – and experience a loud, hectoring presentation that is impossible to turn off – are sent as though they have come from the victim’s own email address, to ensure that they are not put on automatic deletion by spam filters. The emails come in, commonly five or more a day, under a variety of headings that they hope victims will take seriously and carrying a variety of names of individuals all claiming to be the “personnel manager of a large, international company” Our own experience with logging names over a three week period is that this company, if it exists, has 158 different “personnel managers”.

So that readers can identify this nuisance the headings we have received to date, with the number of names of “personnel managers” have been:-

  • Local representation needed — 29
  • Welcoming speech — 5
  • Re CV — 8
  • Hello — 7
  • Civilities — 13
  • Compliments — 9
  • Re Salary ($/week) — 21
  • Hi! — 13
  • Vacancy 627 — 13
  • From International Company — 7
  • For CV — 6
  • Greetings — 5
  • Re CV 678 — 8
  • Speech of welcome — 8
  • Re CV 672 — 1
  • For CV 612 — 5

A recent variation on the email headed “Vacancy 627” doesn’t show a name and reads: “Following examination of your CV, we would like to let you know that we have a newly opened position that will be a perfect match, based on your skills and our requirements” The email then urges victims to visit the website, “to find a full description about this position and get in touch with our hiring manager” and is signed off “Sincerely, HR Department”.

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