One company that was very keen on staying in the EU, and advised all its employees to vote to stay in the referendum, is Unilever.

The firm makes Marmite, Hellmans mayonnaise, Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream and the Pot Noodles gourmet treat, and has increased prices on many lines, blaming the Brexit vote and the subsequent fall in value of the pound. This is despite many products being made in the UK, a fact pointed out by Tesco, which won plaudits for being on the side of the British shopper.

Also blaming Brexit for price rises is Walkers, whose crisps are made in Leicester, from British spuds.

Meanwhile the much-loved triangular section Toblerone bar has gone from premium chocolate product to Swiss swiz overnight as a result of cutting down the number of chocolate “alps” in each bar, to reduce the weight by 10% or more and keep the price the same. US owners Mondelez, formerly Kraft which also owns Cadbury, say that the product shrinkage is due to the increased cost of raw ingredients, although it only applies to Toblerones sold in Britain.

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