Running events is becoming increasingly challenging, it seems, going by three recent reported incidents this month at some UK venues.

o On September 1 the Smiler rollercoaster at Alton Towers, where five people were seriously injured last year, broke down, leaving 32 thrill-seekers hanging thrillingly upside-down for around an hour. This time no-one was hurt.

o On September 8 the pod climbing the new BA i360 tower in Brighton broke down, leaving 180 people in a private party, including a heavily-pregnant woman stranded half way for two hours. This was one of a number of breakdowns brought to you by the operators of the London Eye, although on this occasion Sir Richard Branson tastefully refrained from flying a balloon past emblazoned BRITISH AIRWAYS STILL CANT GET IT UP .

o A party boat on the Thames carrying 150 people caught fire and crashed into the Canary Wharf pier on September 11 2016. All passengers from the Erasmus were safely evacuated.

Overseas the picture is equally worrying for those who put their trust in technology. In the French Alps near Chamonix 45 people had to spend the night in their broken-down cable cars 12,500 feet above the mountains before being rescued by helicopters. Cables becoming entangled in high winds was the cause this time – similar rescues of 200 people had to be carried out in May 2013 on the same ride when a cable car on fire caused a stoppage. Mind how you go.

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