Following the needless death of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe last year by killing-for-fun American dentist Walter Palmer, another brave American hunter has sparked widespread revulsion after he filmed himself revelling in the pointless killing of a black bear with a spear and posted the footage on the internet.

Josh Bowmar (26) baited the animal with a barrel of food in a forest in Alberta, Canada in May and then impaled the bear from 12 yards away with a 7 ft spear carrying a 16 inch long blade and a camera. The bear stumbled off to die, for what some wildlife campaigners fear was up to 20 hours and Bowmar followed it to film himself gleefully celebrating over its body.

Bowmar’s articulate and intellectual contribution to civilised society was “. I drilled him perfect. I got mad penetration. No-one cares more about these animals than us hunters, especially me”.

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