A large majority of those reading newspapers were presented with arguments in favour of leaving the EU in the run-up to the referendum, according to Press Gazette.

The combined claimed circulations of national newspapers favouring Brexit was 6,755,480, against 4,993,934 favouring staying in the EU. The circulations of those not declaring was 2,733,504, making up a combined claimed circulation of 14,482,918.

For the record the bias and the circulations were:-


Daily Express       419,328
Daily Mail        1,545,473
Sunday Express      365,071
Daily Telegraph     498,474
Sun               1,716,361
Sun on Sunday     1,413,493
Sunday Times        797,280


Daily Mirror        785,717
London Eve. Std     900,175 Free
Sunday Mirror       709,495
Mail on Sunday    1,374,864
Observer            194,054
Times               436,692
Guardian            169,424
FT (UK)              63,178
Daily Record        172,699
Sunday Mail         187,636


Daily Star          513,233
Daily Star Sunday   316,224
i                   284,434
Metro             1,347,594 Free
Sunday People       272,019

Note. Some feel that free newspapers, distributed indiscriminately, will not have the same power to persuade as those people choose to pay for. Some circulations are boosted by copies being given to hotels. Some feel that the circulations of daily newspapers should be multiplied by six to correctly compare with the circulations of newspapers only published on a Sunday.

Note: The following piece was published in the Marketing Matters Jul/Aug 2016 ISSUE 51.

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