Party planners should allow three drinks per hour per guest for their parties, and allow for each guest staying for five hours.

This is the reported advice of Peregrine Armstrong-Jones, co-founder of Bentley’s Entertainments, who has organised weddings and other events for such as Elton John David Beckham and Royalty.

However, as Armstrong-Jones will know, not all the drinks have to be alcoholic – water, soft drinks, hot drinks and mocktails are a good idea – and those running corporate events will want to heed the caveat that it is an offence to serve alcohol to someone who is obviously drunk, as some might be after a few hours on alcohols at this level of consumption. There is also legal liability on the organiser for injury or death caused by their over-inebriated guests.

Readers are referred to the Better Health website of the Victorian State Government of Australia for comprehensive advice on partying safely, aimed at teenagers but applicable to all.

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