The Good Country Guide has placed the UK fourth in a list of 163 countries for its high contribution to the common good of humanity.

The guide ranks countries on seven criteria of contributions to Science and Technology, Culture, International Peace and Security, World Order, Planet and Climate, Prosperity and Equality and Health and Wellbeing. The top ten were, in descending order; Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Finland, Canada, France, Austria and New Zealand. On the individual criteria the UK was first for Science and Technology, second for Health and Wellbeing, fifth for Prosperity and Equality, ninth for Culture, fourteenth for World Order, twenty second for Planet and Climate and sixty fourth for International Peace and Security.

The bottom ten, in descending order were; Republic of Bolivarian, Haiti, Suriname, Chad, Syrian Arab Republic, Iraq, Central African Republic, Mauritania, Equatorial Guinea and Libya.

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