The Lush Bar in Magaluf, where a British teenager claimed to have been egged on by bar staff as he drank 75 Sambuca and caramel vodka shots, is being charged with illegally supplying alcohol to a customer who was obviously drunk, a law that also applies in the UK. The teenager, an 18 year-old man from the Midlands collapsed in the street and was treated in hospital for alcohol poisoning.

Magaluf is notorious for drunken young tourists who want to take pictures of their excesses to post on social media and impress their facebook friends. Lately the authorities there have imposed fines of up to 3,000 euros (£2,400) on some of the worst offenders. Magaluf has also had its share of “balconing”, drunken youths climbing or jumping from one hotel balcony to another, or into a pool below, stunts that have resulted in injury and, in 12 cases reported in 2012, death.

Some of the male drunks have fallen prey to female thieves posing as prostitutes, who have then robbed their inebriated victims back at their hotel rooms, events that don’t make it onto social media.

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