A 38 year-old man with a severe peanut allergy died after he ate a take-away curry from the Indian Garden restaurant, Easingwold, North Yorkshire in January 2014.

The curry contained cheap ground peanuts in place of more expensive ground almonds, despite staff at the restaurant assuring Paul Wilson, 38, that there were no nuts in the dish. For those with a severe peanut allergy just 50 micrograms of peanut, or 1x 10,000th of a whole peanut can kill, something all hotels and restaurants have to be aware of.

The restaurant’s owner, Mohammed Zaman, 53, is accused of manslaughter. The court heard that he had switched to the cheaper ingredient in June 2013, but hadn’t told his customers, and had ignored repeated warnings that he could be putting lives at risk. A few weeks before the death of Mr Wilson a 17 year old girl was treated in hospital for a peanut allergy reaction after she ate a curry from another restaurant owned by Mr Zaman.

The trial continues.

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