Marketeers we know have been receiving emails from a publisher of advertorials Mr Jack Clarke of Acquisition International as below.

“As the head of (company name) Acquisition International has personally chosen you as a leading MD in the United Kingdom and we welcome you to celebrate this news by joining us with an exclusive interview for our forthcoming issue. The cost for this high-profile spot is just £500 and includes:

  • One full page of editorial (approx. 900 words)
  • Inclusion of your article on our website
  • An “MD of the Month” logo for you to use in your email signature and website.
  • A hand crafted beautiful trophy presented in an elegant box
  • Access to high resolution PDFs for you to use as you wish”

The copy in the email goes on to claim that the Acquisition International magazine is distributed to “108,000 individuals” each month and to urge the recipient to agree to the £500 charge. Those flicking through the magazine will find page after page of advertorials – PR puff masquerading as journalism.

On this basis how much serious credibility would you give any company or individual placing advertorials in Mr Clarke’s vanity magazine, or promoting his paid-for awards in their marketing. Would that be less than bugger-all?

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