Another online scam going around, and hacking into people’s email accounts to do it, is designed to encourage those who would like to make around £100,000 a year from easy share-dealing from home to sign up for a £200 scheme that uses, they say “a patented mathematical algorithm that was developed especially for binary options trading” to accurately predict shares likely to make a profit for those buying them.

Amazingly the developers of this amazing tool are remaining anonymous but punters can watch a video-blog of “Lisa White from London” who has a number of names and domiciles depending on who the email is sent to (She is also “Melissa Johnson”, “Emma Coleman” in Australia, and “Veera Koskinen” in Finland) and who says she makes £7,650 a month, or $7,650 in Australia. It’s all promoted with an email to look like a news website and called Online Career Journal, and it’s all fiction.

Those who know about “Pump and dump” share scams will recognise the hall-marks on this one and realise that the scammers will wait until they have enough punters who are share-dealing before themselves buying a huge parcel of obscure stocks, promoting them heavily to their subscribers to ramp up the price (the pump) and then selling all their own when enough people have bought (the dump), whereafter the price then plummets, and the scammers start another one.

If it sounds too good to be true…

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